Save Water & Time With A Xeriscape Garden

Even though we’ve had some recent rain the current drought situation California will put additional financial burdens on your monthly water bill.  Most experts agree that you can cut your water bill by 30% after completing a xeriscape landscaping project. In addition, you reduce your time doing maintenance and this will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Check with your local governments to see if there are any rebate programs before you start your xeriscape landscape project.

Scientists are now predicting that the southwest region of the United States will undergo 35 more years of drought. With efficient landscape design, it is possible to reduce significantly the amount of water used by 40 to 60%.

Your landscape transformation can include the proper utilizing of irrigation systems that strategically reduce water consumption.  Planning where plants are grouped by “hydro-zoning” and using rock and mulch as a way to reduce evaporation and runoff are important aspects of reducing water.  Thoughtfully moving soil to create the best opportunity to utilize water that is an option to consider.

It may be necessary to reduce or eliminate thirsty plants as you transition to more drought tolerant and water-wise plants.  Native plants are naturally more drought tolerant. Native plants have advantages because they are already adapted to your region use less water and no pesticides and little to no fertilizers.  Native plants can promote biodiversity attracting butterflies and providing a natural organic look to your landscape.

Utilizing xeriscaping and water-wise landscaping design techniques will allow you to spend less time and energy on maintenance.   Save money and make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. All the while improving and supporting your local ecosystem and our larger environment.  To lean more, feel free to contact me at Xeriscape Waterwise Landscape Design in San Diego.


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